Greg Horn Digital Storm computer photos. 

Iím having a system wide failure with Windows Services and applications failing. Manyservices/drivers/programs do not work. I cannot access system restore, windows update, nVidia Control panel, nor install any printers. Iím also having programs crash on me. All attempts to start processes or services fail.


  windows update also Feb 8  
Successful install  
Feb 8- Windows update says all important updates are done  
Feb 8th- First problem with Wacom tablet  
Feb 9th- INSTALLED Microsoft Office 2003, Frontpage 2003

10th Install ACDSEE 10

11th reinstall Wacom software and drivers, Reinstall Photshop 64-bit, Perfect Resize 7.5

12th Install Daz 3.1 64-bit  These 4 days--AND DAZ 3.1 were installed....

As you can see,  I was getting the first USB error AFTER the Windows updates, but BEFORE Program installs. Also, WINDOWS EVENT MANAGER shows errors with Application and application virtualization on the 8th(see photo below), so i do not think program installs are the problem

Feb 12th 2nd prob wacom tablet  
During the install of daz 3.1 from the 12th-13th I was able to create about 6 or 7 restore points. Then on the 14th, I tried to bring up Create Restore Point and it would not turn on.  So it DID work from FEB 8th, and through to the 13th, but then a complete failure by the 14th and has not come on since.  
Feb 14th

ERROR: Volume Shadow Copy (System restore does not work)

More VSS  
HP Photosmart printer can not install. Windows does not have the drivers (this is an old printer from 2005 and HP does not provide the drivers anymore since they are supposed to come on the Windows 7 install)  
Brother printer will not install, because it needs the Print Spooler Service to go on to install the software and drivers  
My tech friend came over and introduced me to the "EVENT VIEWER" logs. Here are a few errors but there are hundreds more across many days  
Event viewer details on VSS Volume Shadow copy service  
My friend did some research on VSS. The comp can not find "paths" to many services...  some are associated with Q:\ (...I think)  Anyway Q:\ is inaccessible...  
IMPORTANT! The Event Viewer shows errors going back to the day I received the comp Feb 8th which is also the day that i installed the Windows updates.  this means my program installs are not the culprit... because i did not start installing programs until feb 9th-13th  
Event Viewer Print spooler Feb 14  
In desperation I tried a Windows Update somewhere on the 14th-16th, but it gives error code.  
Finally, the machine can't even open a simple program from the Control Panel  
One last thing... I've been getting this for awhile now "Windows not Genuine". My friend says that is because I didn't register Windows, but I post it here in case it is relevant to you.