Above are some thumbnails of my work for Top Cow Productions, Virgin Comics,
Hasbro's G.I. JOE, Dynamic Forces/ Dynamite Comics, Dabel Brothers, Chaos!,
Arcana Studios, Harris Comics, and more!
INDEPENDENT COMICS   Cover artist Greg Horn has lent his talent for illustration to many comic book publishers over the past  years.   His first professional illustration for a "big three" company was  a lovely painting of Fathom for Top Cow's Michael Turner Charity special.  Greg would use this painting as a portfolio piece, eventually leading to his work at Marvel Comics. Once at Marvel, he joined up with several indy publishers creating a cover of Vampirella for Harris Comics, Lady Death with Chaos!/Dynamic Forces, and Shadow  Reavers with Black Bull Entertainment. 
Soon, Virgin Comics was on the scene and Greg had met soon-to-be president Sharad Devarajan previously expressing his interest in Indian/Hindu art and design.   He landed his first job on DEVI created by famed Indian movie director Shekhar Kapur.  Virgin was focused on bringing world famous directing talents in to their comic book family, and soon Greg was working on the first issue of Seven Brothers created by action film director John Woo! The fact that the book was written by comics master writer Garth Ennis only made the project sweeter.   Most recently Virgin Comics has started publishing Jenna Jameson's comic book venture called Shadow Hunter and Greg is doing all 6 sexy covers along with variant covers by Dan Brerton, Joe Michael Linsner, Mike Deadoto, and Greg Land.   The latest adventure is the collaboration between Virgin Comics and The SciFi channel on a new title based on their new  science fiction television series called the stranded.
Greg Horn continues on with cover illustrations for other independant publishers: Dynamite comics' Red Sonja, Kade and Ezra for Arcana Studios,  Atlantis Rising for Platinum Studios,  Meltdown for              , Black Tiger with Beyond Time Comics, and Grace and Balance for Spacedog Entertainment.   A very interesting comic company presented itself late in 2007 called Teshkeel.  They are based in the Middle East (Egypt to be exact), and publish a book involving Muslim super heroes.  All the heroes in this book are Islamic and each can manifest one of the 99 attributes of Allah.  Greg Horn has also contributed three covers for the latest line of Hasbro's toy line G.I. JOE.  The 25th anniversary action figures will come packed with a free comic book.
Top cow productions is Greg's newest friend and he will start working on Witchblade later this year.  In the past, Greg has worked on some of their titles like Madame Mirage by Paul Dini, and Necromancer by Joshua Ortega.  The new WB covers should be very interesting indeed as there are now two Bearers of the blade for Greg to paint!

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