Greg Horn's Spectacular record-Breaking variant covers for GameStop and Comic Book Conventions
It has been an amazing year for Marvel Comics artist Greg Horn. After his incredible results on the Wolverine #1 variant covers for Wizard World's Sacramento show, GameStop brought him in to help create their new line of exclusive comic books. His sketched covers have had record-breaking success, ranking among the all-time best selling auctions for a modern age book--that's everything going back to 1982!! The books are only available online through GameStopís PowerUp Rewards program, and Gregís limited edition of  sketched copies multiplies the rarity to an unprecedented level.  As the overall pool of Rewards Points dwindles, these particular offerings become harder and harder to obtain. The spectacular auctions of Amazing Spider-Man #1 eventually caught the eye of comics legend Stan Lee, who doodled one of his very rare drawings side-by-side with Greg's remarque--truly a remarkable honor!
Greg has been asked on multiple occasions to provide exclusive covers for conventions and retail stores. The investment on these type of projects is no small matter, and a huge amount of trust and responsibility is put on Greg's shoulders.  In the past year, Horn has created extremely successful variants for Wizard World Sacramento, Salt Lake Comic Con, Denver Comic Con, and 

GOING FORWARD: With each eBay auction, Greg sets aside only 10 copies total to draw head sketches (remark) on, making the offerings some of the most rare and sought-after books in the world.  Furthermore, bidders have come to know the artist's first rule: Each book is offered on eBay only ONCE.  All the items are graded by CGC at 9.8 SS or better. The drawing and autograph are done with acid free markers and gel pens. A CGC graded 9.8 comic book is considered NM/M (Near mint/Mint).


            STAN LEE DOODLE!   STAN LEE DOODLE!      
Death of Wolverine #1   Death of Wolverine #1   Death of Wolverine #1   Amazing Spider-Man #1   Amazing Spider-Man #1   Death of Wolverine #1  
Sketch-fade variant    Rewards variant   Con exclusive    Rewards variant   Sketch-fade variant   (Black & White 24 x 18)  
$6500 - 9.8   $3350 - 9.8   $1126 - 9.8   $5000 - 9.8   $2900* - 9.8   $5260  
Sold on Ebay Sep 18   Sold on Ebay Sep 3   Sold on Ebay Aug 27   Sold on Ebay - date?   Sold on Ebay June 3rd   Sold on Ebay Oct 2  
            Greg Reece Comics   *asking $6000      
Guardians of the Galaxy   Legendary StarLord #1   Deadpool #30   Wolverine #1   Wolverine #1 Wolverine #1    
100th Anniversary   GAMESTOP  PowerUp   Denver Comic Con   Wizard World   Wizard World Wizard World    Rewards variant   Show exclusive    Sacramento    Sacramento Sketch  Sacramento Sketch    
$465   $970   $457   $450 - 9.8   $520 - 9.8 $810 - 9.9    
Sold on Ebay aug 16   Sold on Ebay July 8   Sold on Ebay June 12   Sold on Ebay Feb 20   Sold on Ebay Mar 5 Sold on Ebay Mar 9    

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Amazing Spider-Man #1 Amazing Spider-Man #1      
GAMESTOP  PowerUp GAMESTOP  PowerUp      
 Rewards variant Sketch-fade variant      
$1500 - 9.8 $1300* - 9.8