INVISIBLE WOMAN SKRULL  Yaaaaagh!!! What in the hell is that!?!  What happened to Sue Richards, A.K.A. the INVISIBLE WOMAN of Fantastic Four fame?  She looks like something the Kree dragged in!  Ha ha...that's a little inside comic joke..., anyway, how do you think Jessica Alba feels about this?  I knew she was a Skrull ever since Fantastic 4 came out.  There's no fooling a Marvel Comics zombie like me!   Looks like the Secret Invasion is going to turn the whole freakin' world upside down!  Wolverine is a Skrull?!? Luke Cage is a Skrull!?!  Who'da thunk it?    Anyway, there will be 14 images in all to be posted at MARVEL.COM.   Who do you trust?  Well, I'm not trusting anyone right about now.    Check em out here
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