THE BARONESS  Created for G.I. Joe CON 2009
Here's a dead-sexy painting of The Baroness that I did for the big G.I. Joe convention (Aug. 14-16). It's not often that I get to draw one of Hasbro's female characters, so I wanted to make sure I get her just right! Typically, this femme fatale wears a black outfit, but this year Master collector's boxed figure set includes a rare red Baroness as part of the Cobra Crimson Strike Team.  I will be bringing this piece of art to the show as a limited lithograph. It's my first time ever at a G.I. Joe convention-- I'm pretty excited!
In addition to this piece of artwork for Master collector, I have been fortunate enough to work on many other G.I. Joe projects. I am currently the package artist for Hasbro's 25th anniversary "2-packs" available in stores now. Other works include a nifty Serpentor cover with comic book publisher Devil's Due, and some package art for Wizards of the Coast card game "venom and Valor".  But, my favorite illustration has to be an editorial painting for ToyFaremagazine accompanying an interview with G.I. Joe movie producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura, where he discussed his "dream cast" for the movie.  Visit the GIJOE GALLERY!!

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