The latest wave of GI JOE 25th anniversary figures are out, and as I promised I'd post the high res versions of the art work here. Hasbro sent me all 6 of my Comic pack designs last week so i can stare at them, and love them for eternity!
GI JOE #25 Each of the covers are based on a classic GI JOE books (from the run that Marvel Comics printed back in the 1980's) The books included in WAVE 7 are #25, #64, and #86. At one point we were going to do GI JOE #4 but it got canceled...which is to bad because it had Scarlett on it! Oh well, maybe next time!
Anyway, here they are: #25 features Zartan vs Wild Bill. I built about 5 custom brushes in Photoshop just to make all that water splashing around!

GI JOE #64 
And here is #64 with Cobra Commander, Serpentor, and the lovely Baroness. I love the lighting on this one and Cobra Commander's armor came out nice and grungy. Grungy is good you know?
GI JOE #86  
And finally, here is the remake of cover #86 where we have to look at some guy's ass. Anyway, this is one of those rare covers with word balloons on it. What do you guys think of word balloons on the cover? They used to do this all the time back in olden days, but now they are practically non-existent.


There are 6 GI JOE 2 -packs in all.  Click on the thumbs below for the link to the first 3 packages.

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