This particular portion of the Cobalt campaign revolves around the car's designers Doug Parks and Phil Zak.  That's their gorgeous mugs up there in the center-- Doug Parks is the Cobalt's chief engineer and Phil Zak is the Cobalt's lead design manager.   Together, they kick boo-tay and created this new line of cars from scratch!   The new Cobalt website was a monster project for my art director Mike Nowland, and I was just happy to be a part of it-- drop by the finished site <HERE> where they show the "Making of the Cobalt" video-- it's really cool!    In the illustration above, there are three different versions of this automobile--one to please just about anyone....    The sedan is a good choice for family-minded folks, then there is a sweet 2-door coupe for the youngins, and finally the souped-up Super Charged SS for you tuners out there who just "can't drive 55!".   Check out that awesome ground kit on the SS! 
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