HALO 2 ToyFare magazine #86   This illustration is for ToyFare #86.  I've seen the demo reel for this game and it is going to be absolutely awesome.  I played Halo for the first time at a friends house, and I immediately came to hate the "Flood" critters that crawl at your feet.   So, I included them in this painting.  They really suck.  Check out my video game art galleries for other game art like Everquest 2, Serious Sam 2, Starcraft: Ghost, NBA Live, Ghost Wars, City of the Dead, and others.
Halo 2 Toyfare #89  "Oh honey, don't you just love this romantic setting? ...the palm trees on the beach, the gorgeous sunset, the--OH MY GOD!!! Zap!! Pow! Bang!  AAAArgh!"    This is the second illustration of Halo2 for Toyfare magazine in the last 3 months.  Note the reflection in the visor!
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