LeBron James Nike billboard- Weiden & Kennedy advertising agency- The original idea was to portray Lebron with a superhero flavor and at one point we were considering giving him 8 arms!  But after thinking a while we realized the blurred arms would work much better to show his passing prowess.   Upon completing the image, it was decided that we would also need a vertical composition.  So, I painted Lebron's legs and shoes on after the fact and that is pretty much what was used in the final advertisement.  Lebron was one of the stand-up guys who volunteered to play on the 2004 Olympic basketball team when 9 of the team's original players quit.
This three-story billboard was posted atop the Foot Action at Seventh Avenue and 34th Street in N.Y.   It also appeared during the telecast of the New York Knicks vs Cleveland Cavaliers game on ABC.  The "Chosen One" image resides a mere block from Madison Square Garden, the stomping ground of the Knicks,  and my friends who are NY fans are not too happy with me!    Anyway, check out some of the quotes from the players in the Newsday caption below..




  Extra photos by Cory Sedlmeier--Thanks Cory! I hope I put enough detail on the bottom of that shoe!

  As I was discussing the Lebron project with the art director, we started reminiscing about old comic books, and decided to add this little silohuette of Lebron James to pay homage to them. Kind of like the 70's Avengers covers with the Vision coming at you.

 The Illustration I did for Nike has recently shown up as a point of purchase ad in Foot Action stores across America. Note how the design  resembles an old Avengers comic? 

A blurb from the Sports Business Daily.
Before LeBron made his Madison Square Garden debut yesterday as the Cavs defeated the Knicks 92-86, NEWSDAY's Greg Logan reported that a new three-story Nike billboard with an image of James and the caption, "The Chosen One," appears atop the Foot Action at Seventh Avenue and 34th Street in N.Y., "just a block from" MSG.   Knicks G Allan Houston said, "He's a talented player, and he's in a position that very, very few people, if anybody, have a chance to be in. But I mean, we have to drive past that every day." Knicks G Stephon Marbury, an AND 1 endorser, said,  "You know, he comes in with a lot of hype, and people want to see him. I think Nike did way more than step up to the plate, but good for him. ...
I figure, Nike, they're a monster. You can't stop a monster. That's like trying to stop Shaq" (NEWSDAY, 2/22). During ABC's broadcast of Cavs-Knicks, Michele Tafoya said, "Before the game, I asked (James) if he had seen (the billboard) yet. He said he hasn't but he's looking forward to getting to see it before they leave town" (ABC, 2/22). In Cleveland, Mary Schmitt Boyer writes the billboard "completely dwarfs a billboard of Wayne Gretzky ... on the other side, and a head-shot of Yankees [SS] Derek Jeter across the street" (Cleveland PLAIN DEALER, 2/23).

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