EA SPORTS NBA LIVE 2005 (DWAYNE WADE "Highflyer" ad campaign)   I was excited to get the offer to do some more NBA related work, but I about went through the roof when I heard it was Dwyane Wade!  The Miami Heat just happen to be my favorite basketball team!  The advertising agency for Electronic Arts asked me to design him in schematic from, like a drawing of a model airplane or something, and they wanted "lots of little techy parts" so they could be numbered.   To view more NBA illustrations of Cleveland Cavaliers' Lebron James and the US Olympic basketball team, check the advertising tab in the art galleries.  
 The High-flyer print-ad will run in the Oct-Nov publications of Sports Illustrated on Campus, STUFF magazine, Game Informer, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Official XBOX magazine, SLAM, DIME, and XXL.
MIAMI HEAT FINALLY IN FINALS   After 17 years the Miami Heat are finally going to the big dance!  Living in Ft. Lauderdale, I remember watching the expansion season in 1988.  Boy, did they suck.  They set the NBA record by losing their first 17 games!  A few years later I can remember the crowd chanting Ogg, Ogg, Ogg! -a mockery of the bench-warming center Alan Ogg.  Then there was some decent teams with Glen Rice, Tim Hardaway, Steve Smith, Alonzo Mourning, and Dan Majerle.  But these teams were never quite good enough to get to the top--a frustrating era for the Heat.   But now, it is 2006 and Miami is in the big game with Shaquille O'Neal and Dwyane Wade leading the way!  My buddy Ross (who posed for the Rainbow Six painting) has season tickets in the 17th row, and he invited me to game 4 vs the Detroit Pistons--a huge win which put them in the driver's seat at 3-1.   Anyway, in celebration of the Heat's accomplishment, I'm posting an unpublished illustration of Dwayne Wade that I did for an EASPORTS magazine ad last year.  It's not one of my greatest,  but keep in mind it was only supposed to be a small inset on the robot schematic I drew of Dwayne (which WAS published).    It was meant to be low detail, so give me a break!   In the end, it was decided that it would just be a distraction to the main drawing and omitted from the ad entirely.  This artwork shows how a person would fit inside the Dwayne bot!
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