2004 Olympics basketball poster  This is my night time version of the players standing in front of the Parthenon ruins in Athens, Greece.   The moody sky was my last ditch attempt to incorporate some attitude into this piece.  But, the "powers what be" decided that we must go with a less intimidating color scheme.   The final design has a beautiful sunset and I was happy with the final result--I just prefer this version.
Advertising agency Leo Burnett USA contacted me early in the year to illustrate this poster for Allstate Insurance--a great compliment since the poster has been traditionally photographed since 1992!  They had gotten my name from Wieden & Kennedy who has the Nike account (I did a Lebron James billboard ad for them previously).  Due to various circumstances,  we did not have a final roster for about 3 months as many players dropped off the team.  Once we were given the final roster date, we realized there would only be 1 week to turn in the completed art!!  Yikes!  Not enough time to create a painting with this much detail and likenesses, so I came up with a plan to get the illustration done in a timely manner: First, I  painted the Parthenon, sky, and rocks in advance with no players at all.  Then, I painted the jerseys only.  This way, as we found out who the players were, I could simply paint them into their uniforms in the final week!  This was an incredibly awkward way to paint, but it worked and everybody was happy.
Greg's Olympic basketball poster appears in:  TIME, NEWSWEEK, ESPN, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, USA TODAY, and US NEWS AND WORLD REPORT.
  • The August 23rd edition of Sports Illustrated has a 3 page gate fold pullout of Greg Horn's 2004 Olympic basketball team poster
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The players for America's basketball team are:  Front row: Tim Duncan, Stephon Marbury, Allen Iverson, Lebron James, Richard Jefferson  Back Row: Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Dwayne Wade, Lamar Odom, Carmelo Anthony, Carlos Boozer, Emeka Okafor
During the 2004 Olympics, they played against the national basketball teams for Italy, Lithuania, Argentina, Spain, Serbia and & Montenegro, Germany, Australia, most of which fielded their own NBA stars. Team USA brought home the Bronze medal.
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Update:   2004 e photos, photographs,jpegs, and pics of the players in the Greg Horn art gallery    Dream team USA United States of America

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