SPLINTER CELL FALLOUT by PENGUIN BOOKS   You are looking at the cover of the next Tom Clancy novel... except... it probably won't be written by Tom Clancy.  yeah, I know it's confusing--it would take a really great writer to explain it.  Anyway, I've painted a lot of illustrations of Sam Fisher for Xbox magazine and Berkely publishing, but this is my favorite.  I think it has the best mood and the composition worked out perfectly.
SPLINTER CELL PENGUIN BOOKS  This here is a Splinter Cell cover I did that unfortunately will go unpublished.  Normally, that would really hurt my ego....but the truth of the matter is: Tom Clancy's "people" said it's just too awesome to print    ...you not believe me?


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Operation Barracuda   Hey!  This is officially my first novel cover ever, published by Penguin Books (Berkley Publishing Group).   The cover was originally meant to be a die cut with Sam Fisher looking at you through a bullet hole in the cover (see below).  The end result was a faux die-cut, with the original painting on the first interior page.

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