G.I. JOE Trading card game box art   This G.I. JOE packaging art called Valor vs Venom was created for Wizards of the Coast (and Devil's due publishing) for a purposed trading card game.  The version of this painting that is seen in my art book, THE ART OF GREG HORN,  shows only half the image because General Hawk was added in to the scene later to give the box's composition some balance!  This involved splicing Venomous Maximus' arm on to complete the foreground! 
I used to have an impressive collection of GI JOE action figures (circa 1980s).  I had all the Joes, all the Cobras, all the vehicles.  I even had JOE HQ and the Cobra dome thing-- I was a hardcore JOE-junkie, okay?  I admit it!   Anyway,  one day my friend and I decided it would be cool to set up all the Joes/Cobras and then shoot them down with a BB gun.  Back and forth we went...I'd take out his Destro...  He'd take out my Snake eyes,   and so on until a lone, singletary action-figure was left standing to claim the victory.     After the dust cleared,  there was little JOE limbs and dismembered torsos everywhere.    Looking down at the broken and battered carnage that used to be my prized collection, I started to feel regret because I had spent so much money on these things and now they were utterly destroyed.   but God!  It was so much fun!   So, we immediately started  gluing all the JOEs back together again and the mirth continued for weeks. 
Buymetoys.com has gone store signing crazy with Josh Blaylock and Devil's Due appearing on Nov. 8th and then Alex Ross and I will be signing on the 29th!  To celebrate all this fun, Buymetoys commissioned me to paint an exclusive cover to GI JOE #22!
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