Magic The Gathering Pro Tour posters    This tournament is big time as the "Masters" tour has a jackpot of $150,000 and the Pro Tour weighs in with $200,000.... The Pro Tour illustration below shows the legendary Magic creature Myojin.  As you can see he has 8 massive arms, each wielding a gnarly weapon, giving him the dubious title of "Infinite Rage"
The third illustration shows the Magic creature Twincast.  My favorite part of this painting is the foreshortening of the player's arm and the airplane.  These are always tricky shots but they look great if you get it right!


If you pay close attention to the third painting here, you can clearly see that this guy has made big bucks by whippin' out old Jugan!  By the way, never tell a chick: "I'm whippin' out ol' jugan"-- she'll probably slap your face!    Anyway, this painting was recently used as a print ad on the back of Inquest Gamer magazine (issue #118). 


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