SUPERMAN RETURNS MATTEL/ WB     I was one of a small group of artists commissioned to work on Warner Brothers' SUPERMAN RETURNS style guide featuring Brandon Routh as Superman.   Now that the movie has been released, I can finally show you rabid Superman fans some of the stuff I created!   This is a painting I did for Mattel's movie-related board game called Kryptonite Crisis.     At one point,  I received a last minute call from WB to  do final edits on all the artist's merchandising illustrations (with Singer's direction and final approval).  This means I would have been on set in Australia!      But, I was previously scheduled to attend E3  with HIP Games for that same week .    The worst part is, HIP is practically out of business now!   I'd say "somebody kick me in the scrotillia"  but you were probably thinking that already.  
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