This is a character design I did for a local Catholic school, Rosarian Academy of West Palm Beach. They had seen a newspaper article in the Palm Beach Post about me regarding a children's book that I worked on with writer  Melissa A. Calderon (MAC). I had painted a character named Anna Smudge from her book called The Professionals, and Rosarian really liked it-- so they decided to contact me to design the official logo for their school, which was a huge honor because the school has been around for more than 80 years. I was very proud to become part of their history in designing Rowdie the Rosarian Raider! anyway, I had just gotten back from my appearance at the Toledo Mud Hens stadium in Ohio, and I have to say that I was definitely inspired by their Mudhen logo while designing Rowdie. In the end, the final character design has a much friendlier expression than what you see here( because most of the schools students are very young).
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