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The Electrifying Enigmatic Beauty Joins Some Of The Top Names In The Industry Under The Karin Umbrella Including Rebecca Romijn-Stamos And Estella Warren

NEW YORK, NY, July 26- In a move that may forever change the landscape of contemporary modeling, Marvel Comics and Karin Models, a top international modeling agency representing such big-name clients as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Estella Warren (with Karin Paris), and current Yves Saint. Laurent girl Liliana Dominguez, are ready to unleash the world's first virtual Super Hero model - Marvel Comics Elektra. With her sultry images expected to grace the pages of some of the world's biggest publications, this femme fatale is ready to set the modeling world afire as a representative of a variety of top clients within the fashion industry.

One of the most seductive and beautiful Super Heroes ever created, Elektra already boasts an impressive array of credits that are certain to give her instant name recognition -- including her own comic book line that debuted in July, a major role on the big screen in the upcoming Daredevil live action movie from New Regency, and an extensive licensing and merchandising program. Karin will develop a portfolio for the seductress that will include drawings from her comic books as well as tailor-made images for advertisers created by Marvel's world-renowned stable of artists. Just like any other model in its roster, Karin will then pitch Elektra to a wide variety of the world's top companies including clothing, makeup, and jewelry. "

We are going to treat Elektra just like we treat any other top model at Karin," said Scott Lipps President, Karin Models. "She's beautiful, sexy and approachable. Quite simply, she is the Ultimate model. The only difference we foresee in representing a comic book character is that she won't be able to go on casting calls."

Marvel Vice-President, Licensing Ellen Sevin added, "Elektra is every man's fantasy and women aspire to look like her. Karin was extremely excited to bring her into its fold and we cannot imagine any fashion company having a better representative than her to show off their products. There is no doubt that she will be a survivor in the cut-throat fashion business - especially given her lethal martial arts training."

Introduced in 1981 as a femme fatale in the Daredevil comic book series, Elektra Natchios is driven by tragedy and honed by training. The ravishing seductress possesses no superhuman abilities, but is a consummate practitioner of the martial arts and specializes in ninjutsu, the ancient Japanese art of stealth and espionage. An Olympic-level athlete, gymnast, and paid-for-hire assassin, Elektra wields a pair of three-pronged daggers called sai and is also proficient with a multitude of martial arts weaponry. The daughter of a powerful Greek diplomat, she once defined herself by the men in her life. However, her father's untimely death during a terrorist attack shattered her emotionally and prompted her withdrawal from society. Fueled by her all-consuming hatred of the world, Elektra worked as a bounty hunter and assassin for hire in New York City, where she crossed paths and eventually fell in love with a blind lawyer named Matt Murdock - known to the rest of the world as Daredevil. Murdock disapproved of Elektra's chosen profession and the two often wound up on the opposing ends of clashes. The ill-fated love affair ended when the arch-villain Bullseye impaled Elektra on her own sai and she died in Murdock's arms. Elektra was brought back to life in 1990 in the best-selling graphic novel Elektra Lives Again and then starred in her own mini-series in 1998, which saw sales top the 1,000,000 mark. Her new monthly comic book, Elektra, debuted this July in the top five spot in the comics industry in terms of dollar sales.

With a library of over 4,700 proprietary characters, Marvel Enterprises, Inc. is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies. Marvel's operations are focused in five divisions: entertainment (Marvel Studios), licensing, toys (Toy Biz), comic book publishing and Internet/New Media. Marvel facilitates the creation of entertainment projects, including feature films, television, home video and the Internet, based on its characters and also licenses its characters for use in a wide range of consumer products and services including video and computer games, apparel, collectibles, snack foods and promotions. Marvel's characters and plot lines are created by its comic book division which continues to maintain a leadership position in the U.S. and worldwide while also serving as an invaluable source of intellectual property. For additional information visit the Marvel Web site




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